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RIFF third edition

RIFF thanks all participants and audience and accomplices for a wonderful festival in 2018! In RIFF THIRD EDITION Awards we had 3 winners, two honorary mentions, and one audience award. You can still see all details of the 36 main films of the official selection below.

The official selection of dance, art and more traditional films has been done, including 36 main films from 19 different countries (3 from Norway). Our selection on the farm (R.E.D. at Eina) is filled with different screenings rooms. Aside, we will have concerts, panelists, awards and live performances.

R.E.D. ARENA: There will be 2 programs for films to be seen as a cinema screening, with characters and images that go from experimental to ecology, moral diatribes, history, migration, difficult situations and intimate matters. Two Iranian films will be in a special program. Also there’s a taste of documentary on dance around the world, for those dance lovers.

CAFÉ THEATER: offers a program with strong visual contents and expressive screendance in a selection from Spain, Korea, UK, Greece and the USA.

Bar: A combination of films danced by common people, urban movies, and a humoristic example on how we are trapped and hypnotized by mobile phones or tablets.

Gallery Rooms: They offer shorter more experimental art films, in addition to animations.

R.E.D. Room: A special “very red strawberry” film contrasting old and new bodies in beautiful and respectful images.

Potato Room: A film dedicated to create conscience on the plastic we use in the world. It will exhibit a plastic trash installation.

Also there’s a DRIVE IN MOVIE THEATRE with films screened every day in EINAWOOD at 22:00. Come with your car, enjoy films, food and celebrations. This program will offer Hollywood films and other surprises for seekers of film experiences in family, drama, musical, romantic and action films.

OUR LABORATORY LEADED BY ALAIN EL SAKHAWI: Learn from the excellent young dynamic progressive dancer, choreographer and filmmaker: Alain, the winner of last year RIFF JURY AWARD with his impressive film: WE NO LONGER WAIT FOR THE BARBARIANS, a very awarded film around the world.

His curiosity on different arts makes him combine his knowledge and passion. He offers this laboratory/workshop to lead young as well as experienced artists to get a perspective from the dance film genre, by challenging, supporting and focusing the idea of using movement and dance in film, combined with technical aspects and sharing his practice on filming. Here a list of purposes for this course: structured learning to focus in short and longer films, go through the story, design, direct, choreograph, architecture sight, points of view, body, and camera.

This year's jury consists of:

Ella Fiskum, RIFF director (NO)

Alain El Sakhawi

Madeline Wood

Yolanda M. Guadarrama, RIFF Curator (MX).

This film with strong convincing performers is able to make you feel their emergency for surviving when you have to deal with the danger of migrating. Besides, it has admirable cinematography and transparent performers. Dance is present from the beginning to the end in a very realistic style.

Short Film Winner: Harab

It shows the intimacy of a man in a powerful position and at the same time in a humiliation position when fronting a relationship with a woman. The film Omar leaves you a quite deep impression as it gets inside you even you do not notice it. It makes you feel that passionate and desire have much more layers than the simple action-reaction. The combination of theater, body language and camera shootings result in a very harmonic, daring and attractive film.   

Short Film Winner: Omar

The film Limit is a tragedy told by the body movement of a man who does not mean to dance, but his expression is unquestionable. As its name says, it keeps you to the limit of feelings as you do not know if the character is a criminal or a victim of life. The clean and sharp plot, well solved by camera and editing, makes viewers enjoy and suffer the ingenious outcome of the story.

Short Film Winner: Limit

This documentary manages to photograph and tell about communication person to person by hands contact and how we can enrich our life through contact. It is a combination between body movement and human feelings. It investigates and shows the scope of communication without words. In this short film you get touched by the intensity of deep experiences.

Honorary Mention: Hands On

With an exquisite photograph direction and editing, this film makes beautiful what we normally do not look beautiful. As the director says “We are the civilization that puts death aside. Therefore, the idea of VANITAS is to exhort the viewer to consider mortality”, the film manages to ponder death and life at the same time through the presence of a beautiful quite old body in perfect control and knowledge of its decay in contrast with a young and as well beautiful body. It is a kind of pride to stay alive in a carcass that has gone through all possible stages, and still is able to get a charming dress and show a strong presence, personality and movement.

Honorary Mention: Vanitas

NAU (Native Americans Unite) is an audiovisual dance journey celebrating the unification of tribes against the fossil fuel industry.

Audience Award: NAU


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