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Hello, spring has arrived, and with spring an avalanche of plans for RIFF FESTIVAL that push our art impulses into the air. This year is a big one for R.E.D.: our venue and headquarters for creating, exhibiting, sharing, and breathing pure art. Because we celebrate R.E.D.s 10th anniversary of existence in 2023!

So, with great pleasure we announce that our celebrations will be intense and we invite all those who want to join us to experience the joy that is jumping through us.

RIFF FESTIVAL will be taking a break from its annual call and we will show some relevant works that have participated in previous editions of the festival. The celebration will also be a recap of RIFF FESTIVAL's achievements, in order to build our base of R.E.D and RIFF projects even more solidly.

We thank all the filmmakers and accomplices who have accompanied us at RIFF FESTIVAL, who have sent us their works, having confidence in the curatorship and exhibition of films. As well we thank the audience that has visited us locally and remotely throughout RIFF magazine.

In this fashion, our 10 years jubilee will also be a celebration of the trajectory that RIFF and R.E.D have drawn together with all our accomplices and international work team.

For us this year is the opportunity to reflect, recapitulate, invent corollaries, proclaim art, conquer new paradigms, recount the successfulness; it’s time to analyze, appraise, assess, review, and finally, it’s time to look towards the elastic time that goes from the future to the past and vice versa, time to envision new plans and broaden our perspectives.


RIFF FESTIVAL continues its vital impulse and will continue spreading momentum and storms!

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