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RIFF 8th edition

Welcome to RIFF; R.E.D. International Dance, Art & Film Festival. As always, with joy, we will do all possible actions and events to make this festival full of art, dance and cinema, as our name promises.

Dear All,

It is a pleasure to introduce RIFF 8TH EDITION festival to you, which has survived everything, and is having a new celebration this year. This edition has added a small name addition to the festival: RIFF; R.E.D. INTERNATIONAL DANCE, ART & FILM FESTIVAL, to highlight even more the vision of the festival – constantly building new and stronger bridges between the different art fields. As always, with joy, we will do all possible actions and events to make this festival full of art, dance and cinema, as our name promises.

The selection has been made pretty carefully by a group, including our Mexican curator Yolanda M. Guadarrama, and I, director of RIFF, with the support of our French advisor and collaborator Madeline Wood. We have divided this edition into some themes such as Ardently Alive, which shows works of vivid emotions which show not only great choreographic and film craftsmanship, but also show intense and emotional situations in different areas.

Another theme that we have collected is Beyond Beauty, where we place pieces of great beauty, but this beauty does not boast universal conventional beauty, instead, they walk labyrinths of meaning and diverse locations that also speak to us about the way in which we humans construct our spaces of beauty. Thus, we have other programs such as Nordic Stories, Crucial Controversy, Documented Diversity, Urban to Rural, Art Hommage and others. We celebrate art with a drawing exhibition, a Tiny Dada Art Exhibition, and films with sculpture, photography and painting themes, as well as an urban performance film.

During these 8 years of existence, we are already making a tradition of supporting diversity, we try to ensure that the selection of works reflects topics of contemporary interest and interests with deep and emotional human roots. As in other editions we will have some exhibitions in the Drive-In outside our venue.

If you have not visited us, R.E.D. was established in 2013 on a farm overlooking the beautiful Eina Fjord in Vestre Toten outside Oslo. Located in the middle of the wonderful Norwegian landscape, R.E.D. surrounded by local farms and large natural areas, perfect for exploring culture and nature, and for providing unique experiences.

We gladly invite all viewers to visit RIFF in this 8th edition in 2024, as we want to fill our space with art, inspiring dialogues and films in relation to dance and movement in general.

We are waiting for you!!!

Ella Fiskum
Festival Director

Photos from the festival

film winners

We have chosen the film SOMBER TIDES because it has a great reflection on survival against nature. And because it has been made with fantastic production design, music and emotional dance, in a great visual location. The selection of black and white colors reminds us of the essential conflict of living or not living, of bringing oil to nature, and the affected birds are there as a metaphor for the affectation of the world before extinction. It is a very beautiful and effective way to make art and essential reflection.

Winner: Somber Tides

We chose this film because it is a strong piece, artistically strong, and very efficiently told. There are essential questions in it: Can one escape from humanity? From what do you escape? From violence, from siege, from oneself?

The different layers and ways to interpret the violence experienced are of great depth in the perceptive eyes of the creators of this work. The metaphors generated with the red thread to link the woman, to keep her under control and return her home, are painful, but very significant in the history of relationships built as a couple throughout human history.

Winner: Prisoner

“The good and correct things are circular”, this is the imprint that this film transmits to us at the beginning of this film, and it transmits it with a great sense of humor. With a very particular way of telling stories, with great shots, suggestive sounds and daring close-ups. In much of the film CIRCOLOGY we see a kind of fanaticism for the circle, a wheel of life, a ritual of daily habits, and a small community turned into a “Circular Society”. But chaos comes, a breaking of the circle comes, the wind turbine breaks, and then everything changes to be a nightmare. With this great way of telling a story and getting our attention through body movement and camera movement, we have been attracted to give this well-deserved award.

Winner and Audience Award: Circology

We have chosen REVEALING THE INVISIBLE because it is a great documentary, made as fiction, because it presents unlikely, sometimes surreal situations, combining true history and the imaginative situations of what could have happened, in addition to showing dance performances of great value. The story is about a great dancer of Chinese origin, born in Canada: Tony Chong. A connection with the past through a black telephone is proposed with some humor. There is an endless race of life as being an action movie. His past was not revealed to him, he has to imagine it, and the film recreates it using the sensation of OUTSIDERNESS that the dancer has experienced throughout all his life in Vancouver. This documentary proposes a marvelous entertaining and effective way to speculate on one's own past.

Winner: Revealing the Invisible

We reward this film because of its great ability to make a memorable story with great skill in visual management and attractive choreography of all the elements we see on the screen, as well as having good dance practice. FU LE has a great mastery in choosing all the visual elements and their movement. Furthermore, the topics showed are of relevant importance: Love, memory, the antagonism between the fire of “the old” with the brilliance of “the new”. URBAN GENESIS really lets us see how modernity is shaking up the world of our ancient memories. Memory is human and a right we have to remember part of our origin.

Honorary Mention: Urban Genesis

The jury

Christian Lo (NO)

Christian Lo (b. 1977, Vinstra, Gudbrandsdalen) debuted with his first feature film BESTEVENNER in the Berlinale's Generation program in 2010 and returned with LOS BANDO in 2018.


LOS BANDO became the most awarded Norwegian film at festivals that year, winning about twenty awards, including the audience award at Cinekid in Amsterdam. In 2019, it was nominated for the EFA Young Audience Award.

In spring 2022, Christian premiered his fourth children's feature film, LILL-ZLATAN OCH MORBROR RARING, which was screened at the BFI London Film Festival. He also directed DE TØFFESTE GUTTA (2013) and several short films, including POPCORN GUTTEN (2019) and FROM MICE TO MEN (2016).

Christian studied film at the Surrey Institute of Art & Design (now UCA) in England and co-owns the production company Filmbin in Lillehammer.

Ella Fiskum (NO) - RIFF Artistic  Director

lla hails from Trondheim, Norway. She was educated at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, under Natalia Papina in St. Petersburg, and at the John Cranko Schule in Stuttgart.


After working extensively as a contemporary dancer, she founded Ella Fiskum Danz working both as a choreographer, dancer, director, and producer.


With 33 years of experience, producing over 21 full length stage productions and 21 films, she has received international awards and toured the world.


In 2012 Fiskum relocated to a farm outside Oslo for the purpose of building up R.E.D. - a Regional Competence Centre for Dance and an International Art and Culture Arena, which she is running.


R.E.D. is since 2021 funded by the government. She received the Vestre Toten Culture Prize in 2019, OA in 2020, and a five year working Government Grant (2021-2025). Fiskum founded RIFF in 2015.

Yolanda M. Guadarrama (MX) - RIFF Curator

Yolanda M. Guadarrama. Mexican. Engineer, dancer, choreographer, audiovisual creator, coeditor of MOHO Magazine and Editorial. She is dedicated to the creation, exhibition, teaching and promotion of screendance, she made her first screendance in 1994.


Movimiento en Movimiento Director (2013-2024). She was Cofounder of Motion festival in Berlin, 2008. Curator for RIFF festival, Norway for 9 years.


She was a Screendance judge at LIFF, UK, 2017, and at other International Festivals from 2015 to 2024. She’s given many Screendance courses during her professional career.


Her work AILING ANIMAL obtained an honorable mention in Agite y Sirva, 2015. POTATO EATERS obtained first place as an experimental short, Eurasia International Monthly Film Festival, 2018.


Her works have been exhibited in several international festivals. She is a member of RED IBEROAMERICANA DE VIDEODANZA-Screendance Iberoamerican Net (REDIV).

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