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RIFF second edition

Between the 40 films that were screened, the jury and the audience chose some winners. First of all, the award was going to be divided in DANCE, ART, CINEMA, but we found so difficult to catalogue films in a framed classification, so the three films were awarded without any particular classification.

Bar and food on site.

FREE CAMPING (Limited places) and additional wonderful available camping in walking distance by the Eina Lake in a beautiful surrounding with beach (RIFF Price: Kr 50,-/night).


Possibility to have FREE NSB TICKETS from and to Oslo (Limited places, contact us!)

R.E.D. Arena : Kr 250,- / Kr 200,-*. 
Drive in : Kr 150,- / Kr 100,-* (Limited places, pre-pay needed) 
PASS 1 DAY : Kr 350,- / Kr 250,-*. 
PASS 2 DAYS : Kr 600,- / Kr 400,-*
By cash or card on site.

*(student, child, Gold member)
*Gold Membership : Kr 500,- per year. 
Half price on all Residency performances

Discounts during RIFF (film festival), workshops, R.E.D. shop, and more.

R.E.D. Nyland Gård, Einavegen 1771, 2843 Eina 
Info : 91 56 34 24. 

This year's jury consists of:

Elisabeth Rom

Eivind Slettemeås

Ella Fiskum

Yolanda M. Guadarrama

 It strongly touches you, they show an accurate message of helplessness of the main character, a woman in a situation of minority and disadvantage because of her gender and original culture. We also appreciated the imaginative script that manages complexity in a simple and astonishing way.

Short Film Winner: Listen

It does a very good combination of the different elements that compose the film. Also because of the good performers, the camera and the way of cutting. It has a joyful and colorful passion. This film is a really nice art work with a surprising ending.

Short Film Winner: We No Longer Wait for the Barbarians

it has a good way to tell a story that shows an underlying meaning, difficult to tell, about children abuse. It brings Culture together with dance. The energy of children has a primitive feeling that shares originality, simplicity and good dynamic.

Short Film Winner: En Silencio

A woman and a man drag a boat across a field.

Audience Award: Time Between


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