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We offer 4 days of a fantastic experience at EINAWOOD from August 8th to 11th, 2018. The license for the films to be screened in the Drive-In (in the middle of the forest, when it begins to be darken) is for our registred members. We created a closed Facebook-group: EINAWOOD Members, where anyone who addresses asking for information will gain access!

Wednesday 8th @ 22:00: The Salvation of a King 

The Salvation of a King is done by a creature full of power. It’s an action, rhythmic and imaginative film for those who always like to be young and playful. By the way, it's a new film.


Age limit: 12 yrs. Norwegian subtitles.
Duration: About 2 hours.
Thursday 9th @ 22:00

It’s a classical, famous old musical film, you will love to see this music-cool meter in stunningly restored HD edition. It’s about characters changing personalities in turbulent transitions, and nice not that much turbulent dance.

Age limit: 7 yrs. Norwegian subtitles.
Duration: About 1,5 hours.

Friday 10th @ 22:00

Between Clubs, Harlem night stories, Jazz and fascinating cabaret dancers, you’ll see this film full of big stars casting and good images, created by an expert magician filmmaker who makes every scene so brilliant and accurate, resembling former exuberant night life.


Age limit: 7 yrs. English subtitles.
Duration: About 2 hours.
(Note: This film will be shipped from the USA, so it’s subject to time. Alternatively, we could repeat the film on August 8th.)
Saturday 11th @ 22:00

A family animation film, that promises adventure, excitement, magic, tradition and history, all happens near wild surroundings. It's one of the best animation films in the Oscar Awards.

Age limit: 6 yrs. Norwegian subtitles.
Duration: A bit less than 2 hours.


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