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Program 2024

Friday May 31: opening

17:00: Red Carpet - Opening Local Film Historic Exhibition | R.E.D. SHOP, and Dada Tiny Art Show | R.E.D. GALLERY

17:45: Opening RIFF by singer/songwriter Micaela Karlsson (SE) and circus artist Anniine Peltovako (FI) | Outdoors

18:00: Official opening and Filmprogram A: Ardently Alive | R.E.D. ARENA

19:30: Vernissage by festival artist Herb | ROYAL SHEEP ROOM

20:30: Filmprogram "Nordic Stories" including dance solo with Matias Rønningen followed by interviews with filmmakers | R.E.D. ARENA


22:00: Documentary: Somehow Continue | R.E.D. BAR


22:00: Cinema: U.R.E.D.D. | R.E.D. ARENA

Saturday June 1:

10-13:00: Workshop for young talents (12-18 yr) with Caroline Kløvrud


12-17:00: Market (local mat, clothes, art etc)


14-15:00: Painting workshop for all – kids, youth and adults with Justin Chirico | Outdoors


13:00: Filmprogram C: Cruicial Controversy | R.E.D. ARENA

14:00: Filmprogram D: Documented Diversity | R.E.D. ARENA

15:00: Art Hommage – A João Ayres, an Independent Painter | R.E.D. ARENA

16:00: Spotlight on Elin Osjord – Widening Rings of Being | R.E.D. ARENA

16:30: Screening from Workshop for young talents (12-18 yr) with Caroline Kløvrud | R.E.D. ARENA


18:00: Dance performance: “UNDER” by Sølvi Edvardsen | R.E.D. ARENA

19:30: Intimate consert with Micaela Karlsson, with cheese from Snertingdal Ysteri | CAFÉ THEATER


20:30: Filmprogram B: Beyond Beauty followed by interviews with filmmakers | R.E.D. ARENA

22:00: Guilty Pleasure: Flashdance | R.E.D. BAR


22:00: Cinema: Bob Marley - One Love | R.E.D. ARENA

Sunday June 2:

09-10:00: Warm-up audition for dancers

11-12:30: PRODA - Burlesque with Kiki Chérie | R.E.D. ARENA


12:30-13:00: Audition for dancers (more info follows) | R.E.D. ARENA

14:00: Kickstart 7UPERBIA Workshop - lecture by film director Christian Lo | CAFÉ THEATER / R.E.D. ARENA

15:30-17:00: Presentation of 7UPERBIA Workshops: Find Your Voice / Find Your Story, followed by open panel with Christian Lo, Ella Fiskum, Caroline Kløvrud, Gunnhild Hagberg-Karlsen and moderator Hediyeh Azma | R.E.D. ARENA

18:00: Closing Program with Winner Filmprogram followed by award ceremony

19:00: Closing musical happening with Markus O. Klyve

21:00: Cinema: Los Bando | R.E.D. ARENA

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